What is “No main light design”?


What's "no main light design"?

“No main light design” is a sub-area, scattered lighting design. The "main light design" is designed according to the different functional requirements and preferences of the indoor space, in a combination of lines, points and surfaces, so as to achieve better lighting needs. The core of the No main light” must not be a single main lamp, but more of a combination of multiple types of lamps, which complement each other.
Take a look at the comparison effect of main lights and no main lights in the restaurant.
the comparison effect of main lights and no main lights in the restaurant

The restaurant designed by the main light is more of a basic lighting. For restaurants without main lights, each location can be designed with lighting as needed to achieve the integration of various life scenes. The dining table chandelier highlights the dining atmosphere and increases appetite. Cabinet spotlights ensure the lighting of the daily operation area and avoid people blocking the blind spots caused by overhead lighting.

It can be seen from this that the design of No main light is more like a microcosm of life. Every well-designed light carries a longing for life, which is weak but full of power. The design of any light is designed based on its own needs, and choose the right light to match your life.


Is the "no main light design" suitable for home decoration?

As for whether the “No main light design” is suitable for home decoration, in fact, there is generally no way to directly answer this question. For the specific method of design without main light, I also gave you a brief introduction above, that is, cancel the traditional main light, and arrange the light with the combination of point, line and surface. For whether this lighting design is suitable for home use, I personally think that everyone must consider the following points clearly. If these four points can be satisfied, I personally think it is very suitable; if not, then we must choose carefully.

①, whether you do suspended ceiling during your the home decoration?

Although we don’t have to do suspended ceiling in the design of  No main light, everyone knows that if we do not have a suspended ceiling to do the design of No main light, then we must choose a track light. The track lights can be divided into mechanical track lights and magnetic track lights. After the installation of these track lights, the effect at first glance is indeed very good, but after a period of time, everyone will find that they look very uncomfortable and are not very suitable for home decoration. Therefore, if there is no suspended ceiling and you need to choose a surface-mounted track light, then you must consider it carefully before making your choice.
If we plan to choose built-in mainless lights, we must do suspended ceilings.

②. Do you have a budget for home decoration?

When we decorate, the first thing we usually do is to make a simple budget for the decoration of our home. In the budget, many friends did not consider the cost of no main lamp design in advance. If we want to design a mainless lamp, we need to consider the cost of the combination of built-in mainless lamps, lamps, ceiling and lamp switches, as well as the cost of lamp installation before decoration. In general, the cost of the main light design is nearly 2/3 more expensive than the traditional main light. All of these should be considered in advance. Because many friends do not plan to spend a lot of money on lamps for decoration. In addition, downlights, spotlights and light strips are more troublesome to replace if they are damaged.

③ Does it meet the requirements of layout and construction?

When designing, try to hide the lamps as much as possible, so as to avoid seeing the lamps when in use, and ensure that the light sources of the lamps do not directly illuminate the eyes. In addition, it is difficult to change the "no main light" lamps after installation. If you find that you are not satisfied after installation, it will be very troublesome to change it, and it will almost have to be dismantled and redone. Therefore, for the design of "no main light", everyone must consider it clearly from the early design. The whole process is time-consuming and labor-intensive. So we have to spend enough time and energy to design.

④. Do you want large area lighting?

Because the "no main light design" adopts the matching design of the light itself, it uses the light layering of each area to distribute, set off the whole space, can make the whole space more warm and soft, and very durable. But there is a feature that when we use it, we may need to turn on all the lights at the same time. If you only turn on the local lights, you will find that its light is very dim and cannot meet the requirements. For many friends, this kind of light actually does not meet their usage requirements. They prefer a traditional main light design, which can illuminate all areas by turning on one main light. So we have to choose according to some of the needs of our usual use of lights.

What should be paid attention to in the design of “no main light design”?

The above gives you a brief introduction to the 4 considerations we need to consider when choosing a main light design. The overall experience of "no main light design" is indeed very good. But it also has its corresponding flaws. Therefore, you must consider these defects clearly before renovating. My opinion is that if we can accept these defects, we can choose it; if one or all of the defects are found to be unacceptable, then forget it.

①. If we do"no main light design", we have to make a detailed budget in advance.

Compared with the traditional main light design, this is a very complicated and expensive project. Although the "main light design" seems to be a very small project, the budget involved may be very large. For example, a set of "no main light design" plan is basically close to 1000 US dollars. So be sure to make a budget before decoration and choose the right lighting. Because the prices of different lamps vary greatly, if we do not consider them well, the cost will far exceed our budget.

②, we have to consider the actual use of our family members.

For the lights in our home, we all want to take a little simple way to control them. For example, a traditional light can be controlled by a switch. However, the control of the lamp without the main lamp is more troublesome, so when there are elderly people and children at home, the switch of the lamp in the design form of the main lamp may affect their use. Therefore, if you choose no main light, you must consider the use of the elderly and children at home.

③, we have to do the design and layout in advance.

For the design without main lights, be sure to do it well in advance. Because once the lamps of "no main lamp design" are determined, it is difficult to add or change them later. "No main lamp design" is designed according to the interior layout when the layout of each lamp is designed, which is very particular and not random. Because if we don't match it correctly, there may be uneven lighting and poor lighting effect. So for friends who plan to do "no main light design", in fact, you should find a professional lighting designer to give you the layout, so the effect will be very good.

④. When doing "no main lamp design", we have to choose high-quality lamps.

The lamps used in  the "no main light design" are basically downlights, spotlights and led light strip. These lamps are generally recessed installations, and the number is very large. The price of each lamp is not particularly high, but the total cost of all the lamps in the home is still very high. In addition, these lamps are all hidden installation, which brings great difficulty to our replacement. So when we choose "no main light design", we should choose high-quality LED lights to avoid high-cost maintenance. 

"No main light design" is generally a very good lighting design. Because the light perception without the main light is more comfortable, and the decorative effect will be more uniform. However, the decoration of "no main lamp design" is relatively difficult, and it is not conducive to the use of the elderly and children at home. Therefore, as to whether the "no main light design" is suitable for home decoration, we must consider the specific situation of our home. For most young people, this is a very suitable and fashionable way to decorate. For older people, this method is more difficult to control, and the brightness is not enough, try not to choose.