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Hanron is a top developer, designer, supplier and manufacturer of high-quality addressable led strip lights and led neon lights.

Founded in 2010, Hanron has cultivated a group of talent of 100+ people, including 10 technical engineers and 20 sales engineers. Our company passed the ISO9001: 2015 quality management system and most of rgbic led strips are compliant with certifications like ETL, BIS, CE, RoHS, Reach, TUV CB, LM80, etc.

After years of development, our company has 500+ types of addressable led strip light and pixel led strip, including popular items (WS2811 led strip, WS2812B led strip, WS2815 led strip, sk6812 led strip, etc.), specific products (DMX512 led strip, LED pixel screens and breakpoint resume series) And customized products. According to customers' design documents or application scenarios, we can also provide professional advice and OEM&ODM services.

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Commercial grade products and professional service 
Manufacturing All Kinds of addressable LED Lights
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Customized Your Specific Pixel Led Light
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addressable led strip light production oem & odm

Looking to light an irregular space or a super creative project? As China's top pixel led strip supplier, Hanron provides innovative lighting solutions to all your lighting needs, whether residential, commercial, or even industrial.

We can easily translate your lighting needs and provide customized lighting solutions. We have the ability to recommend you suitable pixel led strip, controllers and software for the whole project, and give you suggestions during your installation.

At the same time, our experts can provide you with full PCB design support and create LED strips that are just the right pixel IC, color, size, shape, and brightness. 

You only need to share with us your creative ideas or design, then the rest leave to us Hanron. We will give you a suprise!


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Addressable LED Strip Light Projects
addressable led strip light projects



How to install the led lamps in the study room?

2022 08.24

In short, when doing the lighting design of the study, it is necessary to consider whether the lighting illumination of the study room meets the needs of learning, and consider the design of the ambient lighting of the bookcase lights. In this way, we can


What is “No main light design”?

2022 08.15

“No main light design” is a sub-area, scattered lighting design. The "main light design" is designed according to the different functional requirements and preferences of the indoor space, in a combination of lines, points and surfaces, so as to achieve b

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