How to install the led lamps in the study room?


1. What’s study room?

Study room, for many people, is only the "home office", or the "game hall". But for a person who really likes to learn and read, it is a veritable place to read and learn. Especially for those who are engaged in culture, education and art, the study room is undoubtedly the most important place in the home.
Therefore, the lighting design of the study room is very important. Good lighting design can not only make people calm down to study and work, but also protect their eyesight.


2. What’s the illuminance requirements for study lighting?

First, let's take a look at the illuminance requirements for study lighting:
Table. Standard Values for Residential Building Lighting
Space Reference plane Illuminance standard 
Color rendering
Illuminance standard 
The elderly
Living room General activities 0.75m horizontal plane 100 80 200
Writing/Reading 300* 500*
Bedroom General activities 0.75m horizontal plane 75 80 200
Bedside/Reading 150* 500*
Restaurant 0.75m horizontal plane 150 80
Kitchen General activities 0.75m horizontal plane 75 80
Operating table Countertop 150*
Toilet 0.75m horizontal plane 100 80
Workshop 0.75m horizontal plane 300 80
Elevator Lobby Floor 75 60
Corridor/stairwell Floor 50 60
Garage Floor 30 60
* is a suggested value, not a standard value

Note: It is not necessary for the whole room to reach 300LX, but only the "operating surface" needs to reach 300LX.

4.1.4 The illuminance around the operation surface can be lower than the illuminance of the operation surface, but it should not be lower than the value in Table 4.1.4.

Table 4.1.4 Illumination around the operation surface
Illumination of operation surface (lx) Illumination around the operation surface(lx)
≥750 500
500 300
300 200
≤200 It's the same as the illuminance of the operating surface
Note: The area around the operation surface refers to the area with a width of not less than 0.5m outside the operation surface

The following figure:
1 - operating surface area
2——The area around the operation surface (the area outside the operation surface is not less than 0.5m wide;
3——The background area of ​​the operation surface (the area with a width of not less than 3m outside the adjacent surrounding area of ​​the operation surface.

For example: 300LX illumination is required above the desk, 200LX illumination is required on the adjacent surface, and the background area of ​​the operating surface is 75LX illumination.

Schematic diagram of the illumination standard of the study
In addition to the light on the table, we also need to consider the overall light environment, such as table lighting, proximity lighting and mood lighting.


3. Where should we install the lamps in the study room?

After understanding the illumination requirements, let's talk about the installation location of the lamps.

3.1 Avoid installing lamps on the back of the seat

if the light hits the table from the back, it will cause shadows when reading. You can choose to install homogeneous in-line lamps, recessed lamps or ceiling lamps on the ceiling to maintain the basic illumination of the whole room, and use reading lamps as accent lighting.

3.2 Consider the positional relationship between the light source and the person

Fixed desk lighting - downlight (need to do a study space simulation lighting): When choosing downlight, pay attention to the installation position, as close as possible to the position in front of the person. The main consideration is the positional relationship between the light source and the person. If you need to write homework notes, the lamps should be placed in the front left, so that there will be no shadows.

Note: If the desk is on the side, we have to consider the backlight problem.

As shown in the figure: the lamp should be placed in front of the desktop, you can use the spotlight to wash the wall, or use the light strip or T5 lamp to illuminate downwards, or choose the table lamp or floor lamp instead. We need to communicate with the customer on-site to find out whether it is easy to slot, wire, and open holes, etc., and then make a decision according to the specific situation. But in any case, the main light source cannot be placed behind the desktop.

3.3 Add led light in bookcase 

Bookcase lighting: Bookcases take up most of the study space and are easy to attract everyone's vision. If the bookcase is not treated with lighting, it will appear very dull, which is very bad for the presentation of the space atmosphere. We need to use light as the medium of the space to make the whole space appear more atmospheric.

3.3.1 Open bookcases, generally use hard light strips for lighting atmosphere

Pay attention to the location of the light bar. If you are playing a book, it is recommended to place it on the front side of the book.

If you don't know how to install light bars in the bookcase, you can refer to: How to hide led strip light in the cabinet?

3.3.2 Use spotlights for lighting

When using spotlights, you need to pay attention to whether to use surface-mounted spotlights or embedded spotlights. Different types of spotlights have different distances in front of the cabinet.


In short, when doing the lighting design of the study, it is necessary to consider whether the lighting illumination of the study room meets the needs of learning, and consider the design of the ambient lighting of the bookcase lights. In this way, we can easily design a study room that meets the learning needs and has a taste design.