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Custom LED Strip Light Manufacturer

As China's top manufacturer of led strip light and led tape light, Hanron has been in led business for 13years, providing innovative light solutions to all your lighting needs, whether residential, commercial, or even industrial.

Except 2000+ types of led strip for your reference, we can also make custom led strip light base on your request.You only need to share with us your creative ideas or design, then the rest leave to us Hanron. We will give you a surprise.

What can be customized

10 engineers are here to make custom led strip light for you

LED type & brand

At the moment, the popular type of led for led strip are:

Single color led strip: 2835, 2216, 2110, 5050, 3528, 3014, 5630

Dual color led strip: 2835, 3527 2in1, 5050 2in1

RGB led strip: 5050 RGB, 3535 RGB

RGBW led strip: 5050 RGBW 4in1, 5050 RGB+2835 white, 3535 RGB+2835 white

RGB CCT led strip: 5050 rgb cct 5in1, 5050 rgb+5050 2in1

Build-in pixel led strip: ws2812b, ws2815, sk6812

Normal pixel led strip: 5050 RGB

It's also OK to offer customized led chip for your led strip light, like 3030, 2835 2in1, uv led, etc.

For the brand of the led chip, normally:

For flexible led strip, sanan chip or epistar chip are the best quality at the moment; at the moment, there is still no brand 2835 led chip which is strong enough to be used in flexible led strip;

For rigid led strip, you can choose the brand you need: Nichia, Osram, Lumileds, Samsung, seoul semiconductor, etc.

CCT or colors

Here are the colors of led strip that we can offer:

White color: 1600-1800K, 1800-2000K, 2000-2200K, 2200-2400K, 2600-2800K, 2800-3200K, 3400-3600K, 3800-4200K, 4000-4500K, 5000-5500K, 6000-6500K, 8000K, 10000K, etc. There are both color bin standard, and SDCM standard

Single color: Red, Green, Blue, Ice blue, Pink, Purple, Amber, Yellow, etc

Dual Color: Dim to warm, 2700K+6500K, 3000K+6500K, etc. You can pick two CCT as above, and make it a range in the dual white led strip.

Normal colors: RGB, RGBW, RGB CCT

Pixel colors: pixel white, pixel dual white, pixel rgb, pixel rgbw, pixel rgb cct

All in all, we can offer nearly all the colors in the market, just share us your detail request, then we can make it for you.

CRI or Ra

Color Rendering Index (CRI) is an often misunderstood metric of color quality. Yet, for any application where color appearance is important, CRI consideration is critical.

For a quality led strip, the CRI should be >80; for Hanron standard white led strip, our CRI is >90; you can also choose Ra>95 or Ra>97 standard based on your request.

Higher CRI will bring a higher quality for our life.

LED QTY & rows of led

For single row of led strip, here are the max led QTY that we can make is 700led/M for single white color, and 240led/M for RGB color. Other LED QTY can also be made base on your request.

For rows of led, we have 1row, 2rows, 3rows and 4rows in our standard led strip; if you need other special design in rows, please contact us.

LED strip & cable length

Normally, for our led strip light, it's 5meter/roll with 15cm cable on one end.

For the length of led strip, there is ultra length series, we can make even 50meter/roll in this series. Customized length can also be offered base on your project request.

For the cable length, firstly, it's OK to make the led strip with cable on both end. You can also choose the length and size of the cable.

For the led connector on the cable, it's necessary for some specific project. You can also choose the type of connector you need, just tell us the brand & item NO. of the connector, then we can offer you a solution.

IP Rating

For most of led strip light, the IP rating we can offer is:

IP20: Non-waterproof

IP65(also call IP54): PU glue waterproof, silicone glue waterproof, Nano waterproof, Spray silicone waterproof, heat shrinkable sleeve waterproof

IP67(also call IP65): Silicone tube waterproof, Half tube+PU glue waterproof, neon tube waterproof

IP68: silicone tube+glue waterproof; silicone extrusion waterproof

Please just choose the suitable IP rating for your led strip light.

Package with logo

It's OK to put your logo on the pcb surface, label, outside box with an MOQ 500meter/type.

Please send you logo file to us, then we can re-design the package file, and confirm it with you before mass production.

PCB type & color & shape & Thickness

For the pcb, what the be customized are raw material, color, shape and thickness.

Raw material: you can choose copper flexible pcb, aluminum single layer rigid PCB, single layer FR4 rigid pcb and double layer FR4 rigid PCB.

Color of the PCB, you can choose white, black and yellow for flexible PCB; and it's normally white color only for rigid PCB

Shape: Normally, it's straight PCB for led strip; It's also OK to make the pcb into the shape you need. Just send us your shape design or picture, then we can re-design and send back the file for your confirmation before mass production.


For flexible led strip, all our led strip is made with at least 2oz pcb; 3oz or 4oz is also OK if you need.

For rigid PCB, there is 1mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm and 2mm for your reference.

Adhesive back tape

For Hanron led strip, our standard adhesive tape for led strip is 3M adhesive tape, 200MP, 300SLE, etc.

Other type of adhesive tape can also be offered base on your request.

Voltage & power

There are 5V, 12V, 9V, 24V, 36V & 48V led strip light in our product range, it's should be enough for your application.

If you need other voltage, please contact us.

For the power of led strip light, if you want to use the led strip without heat sink, please make sure the power of your led strip is less than 16W/M; for higher power, we can make max 30W/M led strip in double row.


There are 100lm/W, 130lm/W, 160lm/W and 210lm/W led strip for your reference.

Base on your specific project, we can offer you solution with the demanded brightness you need.

Accessories for Custom LED Strip Light

LED Power Supply

Find a power supply that matches your strip’s requirements from Hanron Lighting. We have both waterproof & non-waterproof power supply in power range 35W-1500W. All of them are meanwell brand with high quality and warranty.

LED Power Supply

Get full control of your custom LED strip light through our touchscreen RF controllers equipped with 2.4G technology. We have amplifier controllers, wireless remote control dimmers, and LED smart controllers that work with mobile phones, Alexa, IFTTT, and Google Assistant.

LED Aluminum Profile

With different application of custom led strip light, we need to add different type of led aluminum profile to reach the light effect. Hanron offer a complete series of led aluminum profile for nearly all the application you need. Please just contact us for detail.

LED Connector

LED connector are important for many types of custom led strip light. Hanron offer a complete range of led connector, like Wire Joint LED Connector, Hippo-M LED Connector, Solid lock led connector, Snap SR LED Connector, etc. You can always find a suitable connector from us.

How to order custom led strip light at Hanron

Share your request with Hanron

As an experienced manufacturer of LED strips and accessories, Hanron can help ensure the success of any LED application. Reach out to us and share use your detail demand, so our experts can guide you in finding the right solution for your project. We provide suggestions on technical specifications. We can give you a quote within 24 hours.

Confirm your custom led strip solution

Once you have decided which LED light strip you want, it is important that you choose the right LED strip light options. Normally, we will offer you 2-3 solutions base on your request. You can double check and choose a suitable solution which is better for your side.

Trial order for custom led strip

After finalizing your options, it is time to place your trial order along with your special requests. We will send technical file of the custom led strip to you before go to production. After you receiving the samples, you can check the led strip carefully to find whether they meet your demand or not.

Mass Production for custom led strip

Now that the samples are approved by your side, it's time to go to mass production of your custom led strip. We will monitor the quality of the product through orders. If there are chance to improve the quality or reduce the cost of the light, we will keep you updated.

We love customization.

How can we help?

Custom LED Strip Lighting Kits from Hanron Lighting. Many projects and applications requiring LED strip lighting demand custom attention and design. Our specialized design team is able to work with you to help create a specialized solution for you and your project.