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China WS2811 LED Strip Supplier & Manufacturer

Hanron Lighting is one of the leading professional WS2811 LED strip light manufacturer & supplier in China. We offers a complete series of high quality ws2811 led strip for years, including chasing white led strip, dual color ws2811 led strip and rgb ws2811 led strip, etc.

All our WS2811 led strip lights are ETL, CE, RoHS, Reach certificated, ensuring high performance and a long lifetime. We can also custommized solutions, OEM & ODM service.

What's WS2811 LED strip light?

WS2811 LED strip is an economically addressable led strip controlled by external IC WS2811. Each IC controls 3 LEDs (it's 6led if DC24V), hence every 3 LEDs are cuttable as one single pixel. Each pixel is individually addressable, which makes it very flexible in many applications.

With nearly same function of ws2811 IC, there is also UCS1903, TM1813, SM16703 IC, all of them are from brand company and enjoy stable quality.

The feature and advantage of ws2811 led strip

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ws2811 led strip light is one of the most popular pixel led strip in the market, because of his high quality and competitive price. If you don't know which pixel led strip you want and you don't need individually addressable, you can consider it directly.

DC12V & DC24V available with lower voltage drop

DC12V or DC24V input, Comes with backup data. Maximum white brightness , 16.4ft no voltage drops.Ultra bright.

With DC24V input, the voltage drop is limited, we can make higher power for led strip or make the led strip into 10meter/roll

More colors choice

RGB, dual white, chasing white colors can be found in our ws2811 led strip series. And both single row and double row is available.

Wide Compatibility

Can be controlled by Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Fadecandy, K1000C, SP105E, SP107E, SP110E, etc.


Model: WS2811 led strip

Data Speed: 800Kbps

Beam Angle: 120°

PCB Width: 8mm/10mm/12mm/20mm

Lifespan: 50,000 Hours

Operating Temperature: -20 ~ +65°C

IC Type :WS2811 IC

Working Voltage: DC12V

LED QTY: 30/60/90/96/102/144LEDs/M

IC QTY: 3led/pixel or 6LED/pixel

Frequency: 800Hz/s

Wave Length(nm): RED,650nm ; GREEN,520nm; BLUE,460nm

Gray Level: 256

Color: Full RGB Color 24-bit

PCB Color: White/Black/Yellow

IP Rating: IP20/IP65/IP66/IP68

Warranty: 3 Years

Package: 5M/roll with 1pcs 4Pin connector

Customized your ws2811 led strip is easy

10 Professional engineers are here to serve you

As China's top pixel led strip supplier, Hanron provides innovative lighting solutions to all your lighting needs, whether residential, commercial, or even industrial.

Here are what can be customized:


2. PCB color and Shape

3. Colors, can be white, RGB and RGBW

4. Waterproof function

5. Adhesive 3M tape

6. Logo on the PCB and package

You only need to share with us your creative ideas or design, then the rest leave to us Hanron. We will give you a surprise!

LED Controllers for ws2811 LED Strip Light

Application of ws2811 LED Strip

Bar/club decorative lighting

Stage decoration lighting

Electric bicycle ambient lighting

Outdoor architectural lighting

E-sports venues

Electronic game consoles

Esports chairs

Computer case lighting


What is the difference between WS2811 and WS2812 led strip?

ws2811 led strip is external led strip with ws2811 led strip. Normally, it runs at 12V or 24V, so there is a limited voltage drop and we can make longer connections.


ws2812 or ws2812b led strip is the built-in led strip with internal IC in the chip, it's dc5V and individually addressable. You can program the strip in every single led chip to get a better light effect.


If you want to enjoy lower voltage drop and individual control at the same time, then ws2815 led strip is a good choice for you.

WS2811 VS SM16703 VS UCS1903 led strip, which one is better?

SM16703 and UCS1903 have the same function as ws2811, their out looking is the same too. You can't figure out the item type unless you check carefully on the IC which indicates the IC module. All of them are 3 pins, positive + negative + single data line.

SM16703 and UCS1903 are clones based on ws2811, just like sk6812 is an updated version based on ws2812 led. Also, they are from different companies. 

Is ws2811 LED Strip Individually Addressable?

No. The LEDs of the WS2811 LED strip are not individually addressable.

When a LED strip light has an integrated driver that allows the color and brightness of each LED to be controlled individually is known as an individual led strip, like ws2812 led strip, ws2815 led strip, sk6812 rgbw led strip, etc.

What Makes the WS2811 LED Strip Stand out From Other LED Strips?

The WS2811 LED strip is more popular than other pixel LED strips because of the below reasons.

a. The WS2811 LED strip has less power drop compared to other LED strips because the WS2811 LED strip comes in 12V or 24V. So, you don’t require more power injection, which will save labor cost

b. The WS2811 LED strip has a single microcontroller. This microcontroller powers 3 LEDs or 6 LEDs per pixel, allowing the led in different places of the led strip to turn to different colors.

c. The color accuracy of WS2811 LED strips is better than general LED strips.

d. The price of the WS2811 LED strip is less than other pixel led strip light

Can I Use One Remote for Two WS2811 LED Strips?

Yes. If the receivers of two LED strips are the same, you can control two WS2811 LED strips with one remote.

So, check the compatibility of the receivers of WS2811 LED strips in case of illuminating big lighting projects with LED strips.

Why Wholesale ws2811 LED Strip From us

Hanron offers the best quality led strip in the market

Certified Quality

All Hanron led strips pass at least 3-4 test in 100% during production base on ISO9001:2015 standard. And they enjoy 3-5year warranty after delivery time.

Competitive Price

As a 13year cob led strip manufacturer, we have gain good reputation and support from our suppliers, that's why our price is always competitive.

Fast Delivery

100+ Employees and auto automated production lines to support your orders. That's why we can always offer fast delivery time for our customers.

NO minimum MOQ

You can order as much LED strips as you want from Hanron Lighting. There is absolutely no minimum order quantity and the order is customized according to your wish.

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