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LED Strip Knowledge

The rated power is calculated according to the maximum current of the light strip. The specific algorithm is: rated power = voltage * rated current * number of lamp beads.
Commercial light strips refer to light strips with relatively stable quality and high optical parameters, which can be used in mid-to-high-end projects to meet the needs of lighting 24 hours a day;\n\nRetail light strips refer to products developed for the retail market. They don\'t have much quality requirements. They pay attention to the low cost of products while rapidly increasing sales.
LED strips can be divided into IP20/IP65/IP66/IP67 and IP68 according to different waterproof grades.
Pixel led strip, also called full-color light strips, can realize various changes through the control system, including water chase, multi-color cycle, single-color walk, two-color full, etc.
In short, normal RGB led strip can only achieve continuous changes of the same color at each time point, while pixel led strip can achieve different colors in different places of the light strip at the same time. On the whole, the pixel led strip is ordinary the upgraded version of rgb with more powerful functions.
In general, SK6812 RGBW led strip is single-point single-control, which is more convenient to control; TM1814/SM16704/WS2814A pixel led strip has lower cost and can be connected for longer; while WS2814 RGBW led strip has a breakpoint resumable transmission function, can be regarded as an upgraded version of TM1814/SM16704/WS2814A led pixel tape.
In general, the main difference between the WS2812B light strip and the WS2813 light strip is whether there is breakpoint continuous transmission function. The other performance is the same. The WS2813 light strip can be regarded as an upgraded version of WS2812B.\nWS2815 is based on WS2813. The voltage is upgraded from 5V to 12V, which can greatly save customers\' installation costs.
In general, SPI is more cost-effective and has many styles. It is better to use SPI signal light strips for conventional projects; DMX512 Symphony light strips have more stable performance and are more suitable for high-end projects.
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