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Can LED strips go in the bathroom?

Sure, it's OK.

Installing LED strips in bathrooms has become a new trend. It’s even more common than you’d think. Because it is easy to get these strips into corners to improve a bathroom’s aesthetics and brightness, you’ll find this light more prevalent. Also, it’s more beneficial because of its increased versatility and water resistance. You can tape it in the shower, on mirrors, and on ceilings.

When you select the led strip light for bathrooms, it's better to choose IP65 glue coating water version, this is good enough for the protection of the light.

Is LED Strip lighting waterproof?

LED strip lights are available uncoated (non-waterproof), or with splash-proof or fully waterproof coatings. With this range of waterproof LED lights, you can install your tape strips almost anywhere – bathrooms and kitchens, externally, or any location where resistance to water is required.

What happens if LED strips get wet?

Even though LED Strip Lights use a low voltage direct current, exposure to water is still enough to short-circuit the delicate components.

So, if you want to use led strips in wet areas or underwater, you need to choose a suitable IP rating waterproof led strip light. Only in this way, will you enjoy the beauty of the led strip and the long lifespans of it.

How long do LED strip lights last outside?

Most of our outdoor waterproof LED strip lights last up to 50,000 hours (this can be up to 17 years) with warranties for replacements if the strip light fails prior to this time or the warranty terms. As long as you don’t fully submerge our quality weatherproof LED strip lights, they should last you up to their rated life or the warranty period.

Can you cut waterproof LED Light Strips?

Yes, you can cut outdoor LED light strips to fit your needs. However, be sure to look for the designated cut lines and not cut outside of them. Ensure you have measured accurately and double-check before cutting. 


When cutting strip lights to fit your application, be sure to use sharp scissors to get a clean cut and avoid fraying or uneven cuts. Be sure to disconnect your LED strip light from power before cutting. Once the strip is cut, to prevent damage from weather and outdoor elements, secure the areas cut with end caps. 

Where can I use waterproof led strip light?

Waterproof LED strip lights are widely used due to their different waterproof grades, dust-proof and anti-corrosion properties. Below are some common applications.

  • Chemical plants, gas stations, seaside stores, residential homes, and other places close to shore.

  • Cars, RVs, limos, boats, yachts, and ships.

  • Water splash areas in the kitchen, bathrooms, saunas, salons, restaurants, bars, etc.

  • Store doors and windows.

  • Garden, deck, patio, landscape lighting.

  • Dust areas, such as ceilings, above cabinets, factories, and workshops.

12V vs 24V Waterproof LED Strip Lights, which one is better?

For places where the 24V version can be used, basically 12V waterproof LED strip light can also be used. But the reverse is different. In some places, only 12V strips version can be used, such as on cars, RVs, and boats, because the power supply system is 12V.

Compared with 12V strip light, 24V version is better for longer run installation, because its voltage drop is smaller than 12V strip. In addition, 24V version draws less current than 12V, which makes the 24V version better for a large-scale installation.

By the way, where indoor versions can be used, waterproof LED strips can generally also be used, and provide protection from dust, particles, incident impact, and other harmful factors.

Can I use these strips in a fish tank?

Only if the strips are rated for continuous submersion (like IP68) and are designed to be safe for aquarium use to prevent harm to the aquatic life. 

Is it possible to join two or more waterproof LED strips together?

Yes, with waterproof connectors and proper sealing to maintain water resistance at the connection points.

Can I use led strip lights outside?

If you want to place an LED strip outside your home, you need to make sure that it is safe. Primarily, that means ensuring it is waterproof because water is the easiest way for anything electrical to be damaged.

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor LED strip lights?

IP rating is the key difference between indoor vs outdoor LED tape light, which is how much protection the LEDs have against solids and liquids. When in doubt, please ask these three questions:

1. Will your ribbon be exposed to harsh outdoor elements?

2. Is there a chance your ribbon could be exposed to solids or liquids?

3. Will your lights be placed where they can be exposed to potential bumps, snags, or interaction by people?

The answers to these questions will help you determine which of the following IP ratings you should have on your next project.

Outdoor LED Strip Lights to Use for Christmas

Not surprisingly, water-resistant outdoor light strips are perfect for Holiday decorations.

If you want to light up your patio, garden or yard for Christmas, Halloween or any celebration, they’re the ideal solution.

Here’s why they’re so great…

  • Easy to work with

  • Can be a nice temporary light

  • Offer lots of colors (Red, Green, Orange, etc.)

  • Can be controlled via timers

  • Programmable to music

  • Easy to create scenes of light

How to Install Outdoor LED Strip Lights?

Lots of DIY projects start with measurements, planning and a bit of prepping.

Installing outdoor LED strip lights isn’t much different.

Here’s a quick checklist:

1. Measure your space to get the right length of LED light strip

2. Use a water-resistant outlet with cover

3. Power on the outdoor LED light strips and check they are working

4. Properly clean dust or debris from the section where the led strip light will be mounted

5. Install adhesive-backed light strips on dry surfaces

6. Use proper silicone sealer for any cut connection points made